8 reasons your credit score dropped

So your credit score dropped and you don’t know why. That’s frustrating. But a credit score won’t drop for no reason, and it may not even be your fault. Here are the eight most common reasons for the credit score drop, and some ways to improve your credit score. #1: Late Payments Late payments happen … Read more

Debt relief: find your options and understand the consequences

Are you looking for ways to regain control of your financial life? Well, debt relief can help you do that. It is a broad term which could benefit you by either modifying the terms or reducing the amount you owe to creditors. This enables you to be debt-free sooner than you can think of. While … Read more

Reading credit report – do it right!

A credit report, like the word explains, is a report comprising of your credit history. It is basically a benefit for potential lenders, where they can check your credit history and analyze your risk (your likeliness to pay your payments on your loan or credit accounts within the time-frame). The credit report will provide the … Read more

Identity theft: definition, signs, recovery & protection

Identity theft is becoming a common crime nowadays where fraudsters purposefully get a hold of an individual’s personal information such as name, pin number, email address, social security number, passwords, bank details etc. Fraudsters can use your identity when committing crimes such as smuggling, leaving or entering a country illegally, drug trafficking and all kinds … Read more

How to remove charge off from credit report?

One of the negative effects on your credit report is a charge-off. Charge-off is a result of your failure to make credit card payments for several months usually up to six months in a row. When the payment was not made for several months, creditor writes off the debt as a loss, shuts down your … Read more

7 simple steps to improve your credit score

A good credit score does not only benefit in terms of receiving a loan rather it can also benefit in terms of saving money on services, rent or a mobile phone scheme. The calculation of credit score is done by taking mixed data into consideration such as your payment history, the credit you posses and … Read more

What credit score is needed to rent an apartment?

Finding the perfect abode is a blessing. When you go apartment hunting, you will realize how difficult it is to find a place that ticks all the right boxes. Let’s imagine that after months of hunting, you have finally found the perfect place. You are already planning where which piece of furniture will go. But, … Read more

ScoreSense review

Identity theft is a serious crime that has been a cause of hassle for a lot of people. The last thing you would want is for someone to have access to your sensitive information and use it to his or her advantage. This is why investing in a service that protects you from possible identity … Read more

CreditCheck Total review

CreditCheck Total is a part of the group of consumer credit reporting websites that belong to ConsumerInfo.com Inc. This is a n Experian business that was established in 1995 and now provides credit monitoring services to over 3.1 million people around the world. Other than that, the company is also the leading company for providing … Read more

Freescore360.com in-depth review

Whether you are renting or looking to make a major purchase, you need to be clear about your personal credit history. Your credit score is extremely important not only for your financial transactions, but also for your family’s and your own personal identity’s safety. Because of the constant threat of identity theft and other security … Read more