CreditCheck Total review

CreditCheck Total is a part of the group of consumer credit reporting websites that belong to Inc. This is a n Experian business that was established in 1995 and now provides credit monitoring services to over 3.1 million people around the world.

Other than that, the company is also the leading company for providing consumer credit reports online. You can get credit scores, monitor the history and find other credit related information on the website.

For all this information they charge $29.95 per month so is it worth it?


Information from All Three Credit Bureaus

Even though CreditCheck Total is an Experian company they do provide the members with information from all the three credit bureaus i.e. Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

You might question whether you really need the data from all three companies because they all contain the same thing but there are certain situation where you might require all 3 reports:

  • When shopping for a mortgage or auto loan
  • When you want to check if the errors from a credit report have been removed by all bureaus
  • When you want to detect any fraudulent activity

When you sign up for an account on CreditCheck Total then you will notice that each report has minor differences. The history calculation is different for each credit bureau. But this is not something to worry about unless they have an effect on the credit score.

FICO Scores Included

CreditCheck Total uses the scoring model provided by FICO which is a big advantage and it is also the same model used by most of the lenders to determine creditworthiness of an individual.

CreditCheck Total calculates the FICO Credit Score using information from all 2 bureaus. They also indicate which bureau calculated the score and if one of them reports a lower one you can even find out why.

One Week Trial for $1

Before signing up for CreditCheck Total the customers can register for a one week trial by only paying $1.

Anyone that is looking to take on mortgage should consider getting the trial because the price to pay is only one dollar and in return you could uncover errors, save money and have peace of mind.

Customers can also cancel the enrollment nine days after signing up without being charged for it.

Credit Score Simulator

CreditCheck Total has one of the most reliable credit score simulator in the market. Are you looking for loan or planning on taking a mortgage? Then by using the CreditCheck Total simulator you can find out how this will affect the credit score.

It can also simulate a situation where you are unable to pay bills, make late loan payments or default on a loan. The simulator can also be helpful in a situation where you want to fix your credit score. You can put an accelarator on it and move it through time or find out how long it will take to improve the score.

Fraud Resolution Guarantee and Support

CreditCheck Total also includes monitoring activities for theft and a product guarantee worth up to $50,000 for all members. The company also provides its customers with fraud resolution in case they ever become a victim of identity theft.

Alerts for Credit Protection

CreditCheck Total monitors the credit of their customers around the clock and if there ever even any changes in it they detect and alert the company immediately using the alert system for credit protection.

Monthly Notices on Credit Monitoring

Another great feature of the CreditCheck Total membership is that they send monthly notices to customers that provide them with a brief update on their credit. The company’s website also says they generate an Experian credit report automatically when a new member joins which means that they have up-to-date information on their reports.

CardSafe Features and Guarantee

CreditCheck Total also offers CardSafe whcih helps custmers recover from the losses they face on their credit or debit cards if their purse ever gets stolen. Additonally, the company guarantees that they will reimburse any unauthortized charges made on the card when a member registers them stolen or lost through CardSafe. This feature does not have any extra charges and is included in the membership.

ChildSecure for Child Protection

ChildSecure is another free product that is included in a CreditCheck membership. When customers enrol their children using this product the copany monitors their database for suspicious activity and alerts the individual if someone applies for credit using the personal information of their child.


Delayed Credit Monitoring

The Experian credit monitoring using CreditCheck Total begins after 48 hours of signing up so this is not convenient for those who want instant results. The monitoring process with TransUnion and Equifax also takes four days to start and in some cases will not even be initiated during the seven day trial period.

Higher Monthly Costs Than Competition

CreditCheck Total charges a monthyl membership fee of $29.95 whcih is a lot higher than what other comeptitors charge.

Website Not User-Friendly

Their website is not easy to navigate and the important information is difficult to access. Users have to dig around to find out the features offered by CreditCheck Total.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you want to find out your credit score then you need to go through the four-step procedure for signing up.

The first step includes providing basic information such as social security number, current address. Then they will ask about previous addresses and loans. This information keeps hackers from logging into your account.

The process is very simple however, the drawback is that you cannot autocomplete the form.


CreditCheck Total offers many unique features and they give customers the FICO scores and reports from all the three credit bureaus. The company also provides fraud resolution and gurantee worth up to $50,000. They send monthly reports to their members and the one week trial is also a good way to check if you are satisfied with the company’s services.

However, people find the credit score reports from three bureaus unncessary and they do not want to pay a hefty sum of $29.95 for it. It is better if they choose free credit report options or use the annual reports from the 3 bureaus instead.