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Whether you are renting or looking to make a major purchase, you need to be clear about your personal credit history. Your credit score is extremely important not only for your financial transactions, but also for your family’s and your own personal identity’s safety.

Because of the constant threat of identity theft and other security issues, services like Free Score 360 have become popular. They claim to protect your personally identifiable information so you can rest assured that your credit is safe. They also allow you to monitor your credit.

This is our review of this personal financial information safety monitoring service.

What Makes Free Score 360 Different?

Unlike other services that simply report your credit score and tell you any negative statements on your report, Free Score 360 actually does more. Not only will it tell you your 3 credit scores from the major credit scoring bureaus, it also actively monitors your credit report.

You get a report tracking your credit, which is updated monthly. This report includes the following information: any new credit accounts you’ve started, accounts past due, and inquiries regarding your credit score and more.

You are kept in the loop regarding all activity involving your credit. This should let you know if there are any potential identity theft or fraud activities using your account.

Free Score 360 gives you access through email, as well as your own log in dashboard. If you see something unusual with your accounts, you can quickly take action. You don’t have to guess because the website provides you with resources so you can fix whatever problems you may encounter with your credit reporting agencies.

Credit Score Projections

Free Score 360 also gives you a clear idea of what your current scores are with the 3 major credit bureaus. It also gives you important information that will help you preserve your score.

How does it do this? It uses a projection system that tells you the impact of certain possible decisions on your credit score.

Maybe you’re thinking of taking out a new loan or buying a new car. Basically, this projection system will tell you the probable impact on your score if you make these decisions.

This service also gives you a lot of tips on how to effectively take on new loans. It teaches you how to preserve your credit score even if you have taken on new debt.

Sex Offender Alerts doesn’t just stop with helping you monitor your credit. It also gives you a frequently updated geolocation map telling you where publicly registered sex offenders live. This way, you can see it within a reasonable radius from your home. This goes a long way in keeping your family, especially your kids, safe from harm.

Active Monitoring of Your Digital Identity

In addition to monitoring your credit and sex predator tracking, Free Score 360 helps you access tools that makes it much harder for people to steal your identity.

This service employs a “black market” tracking tool. This tool keeps tabs on criminals who buy the identity information of victims online and try to turn around and sell it.

How Much Does Free Score 360 Set You Back?

Signing up for this service costs you only $1. That’s right, it only sets you back a dollar and you have full access to its system for a full week.

After this 7-day period, you are automatically re-billed $39.95 on a monthly basis. If you want to cancel, it’s as easy as calling a 1-800 number.

On top of this, when you sign up for this service, you also get an insurance. You will be protected up to $1 million of identity theft damages. If you have been a victim of identity theft in the past or there’s a high chance you might become a victim, this service is definitely worth your money.

Signing Up for this Service

To sign up for Free Score 360, go to their website and click on the link that says, “Get your free scores now.” You will be shown a form. Enter your current mailing address, social security information, and your full name.

Make sure you supply all relevant information, otherwise, this service cannot access your credit reports from the 3 main reporting bureaus. Once you have signed up, you just use your log in information to access the website.

Since Free Score 360 is in the business of identity theft monitoring, you can rest assured that any information you input on their website will be bulletproof.

Once you have filled out the preliminary form, you will be asked to fill out another form which involves questions regarding loans as well as the places you’ve lived before. They need this to verify your personal identity. Once they have this information, you can then access your credit score and take advantage of the other services offered by this website.

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