ScoreSense review

Identity theft is a serious crime that has been a cause of hassle for a lot of people. The last thing you would want is for someone to have access to your sensitive information and use it to his or her advantage. This is why investing in a service that protects you from possible identity theft is important.

For this purpose, we have reviewed a service that claims to provide such a service. ScoreSense has succeeded in satisfying the masses through its value-added features and excellent scoresense customer service.

What is ScoreSense?

ScoreSense is a service owned by the parent company One Technologies L.P. The service delivers protection against identity theft. The service provides access to your information and data that is stored in the three credit bureaus.

A lot of people don’t realize how credit actually works. You can never know if you are secure or not if you don’t understand the system. This is where the service comes in.  One of the features offered by the ScoreSense includes score tracking. This feature works to educate users about the definition of the various numbers and grades.


Here are some of the benefits of using ScoreSense.

Comprehensive Credit Monitoring Services

Whether it be credit reports or scores, this service delivers it all. You can get access to these reports devised from credit reporting agencies. The company also partakes in the monitoring of the report to ensure that no suspicious activity goes unnoticed.

The monitoring service also includes sending out alerts and warnings in real-time. This makes sure that customers of the service are well aware of the activities occurring and hence can detect any unauthorized changes. The alerts also allow you to keep tabs with your credit and payment history.

ScoreSense Credit Score Simulator

There are quite a lot of decisions you need to make. Each of these decisions has consequences. How do you know that you are making the right decision? The credit score stimulator can help you. This allows you to analyze the effect of decisions ranging from whether or not you should pay off your debt, ask for more credit or open a new account. The effect of each of these options is reflected in the credit score.

Sex Offender Alerts and Neighborhood Reports

Apart from offering services related to credit, ScoreSense takes it a step further. It also makes you feel safer and more alert. It does so by giving alerts about sex offenders that might be in your neighborhood. This official alert allows users to know who is a potential threat to their safety. Hence, you are better able to keep your family protected from evil.


You can get up to $1 million if your data is breached. This insurance protects you from monetary damage caused by fraudulent activities, stolen money and miscellaneous expenses of the procedures.


ScoreSense might seem perfect. However, we also found some cons associated with using the service.

High Cost

While the trial version is almost free, the eventual cost of the service is high. The company allows you to try their service for a refundable amount of $1 for 7 days. Once you are satisfied with their offering, you are required to pay $39.95 per month for the service. This provides you with a membership that gives you access to the ScoreSense website and the different features. The cost seems a tad too high for the services delivered. There are other companies out there that offer the same features for a much lesser price.

Automatic charging of a fee

You would think that the company would ask for your consent when charging you for the membership after the trial period. However, this doesn’t happen. Unless you send ScoreSense cancel request, you will automatically get charged for the month. This has led to a lot of customer complaints. So, if you are not satisfied with Scoresense cancel the membership before it charges you the full amount.

The information is not consistent

Regardless of what service you are opting for, customers want consistency in the information being relayed to them. This is lacking in the website of ScoreSense. Instead, you will find inconsistent information regarding membership benefits. These vary from page to page. There is no public information on how exactly they conduct their checks.

Limitations on Credit Monitoring

The credit monitoring feature has its benefits. However, it is also severely limited. For instance, the ScoreTracker only delivers recently acquired credit scores. You don’t get any free reports and instead must pay an additional fee for any credit reports you might want to access.

Lack of Fraud Resolution Services

Let’s say you suffer from an identity theft attack. While ScoreSense provides insurance for it, it doesn’t offer any type of fraud resolution. There are no specialists on board that can help you. You must file for claims on your own.

The signing up process

If you wish to sign up to ScoreSense, you will find the process to be very easy. All you need to do is put in your name, address, social security number, and payment information. You are then required to answer some personal questions to ensure the safety of your information. The entire process will merely take a few minutes.

The company confirms your identity and then provides you with an access to the website. From the get-go, you must agree to pay the monthly fee. You can cancel whenever you want if you are not satisfied with the service. To do so, call 1-800-972-7204 and put in the cancel request.


All in all, ScoreSense fares well in some respects but doesn’t quite reach the mark in other. To sum it up, it is a company that offers to protect your identity. It offers you a trial period of 7-days after which you have to pay the monthly fee. The service includes credit score monitoring, insurance, and alerts. Each of these features is excellent.

However, there is a downside to it all. The service is too expensive and doesn’t deliver satisfactory coverage for the price. The exact ways of how they protect your data remain ambiguous. Not to mention that the parent company offers too many such websites. Therefore, it seems that the service is not worth it.